Couple therapy and family with a sincere desire on both sides to save a marriage can resolve many marital problems and prevent divorce. Anyone who has been married knows that divorce statistics are frightening. In America, the divorce rate is almost half of marriages. Divorces are so common that it makes people wonder if marriage can survive in today's world. People who have marital problems may wonder if they should just give up, or should they try to make their marriage work.

Many married people feel strongly that marriage is a sacred institution, and it is specially sanctioned in the eyes of God. Some religions preach strongly against divorce and cohabitation. Religious beliefs certainly color people's beliefs about the sanctity of marriage. But a 1999 study of 3,854 adults from the 48 contiguous states found that 25% of adults had at least one divorce during their lifetime, and that the divorce rate for conservative Christians were higher than for other types of faith and for atheists and agnostics.

Conservative Christian leaders insist that the statistics are wrong. Possible reasons for the disagreement about the statistics include a feeling among conservative Christians that their faith rejects rather than supports those who go through a divorce. High-ranking conservative clergy counter that many of the surveyed people may have called themselves born-again Christians when in fact they are not. Whatever the real reason is behind the statistics, it is clear that divorce is very common and that no demographic is completely immune to it.

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